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JAMB Reprint Date 2021: How to Print JAMB Slip for Exam Date, Centre & Timetable




Now you can easily view the JAMB reprint of the 2021/2022 exam. You will learn all the relevant information in this article.

The Joint Admissions and Admissions Committee finally activated the JAMB voucher reprint portal, which candidates can use to print ballots. examination. This means that candidates applying for JAMB CBT can now get their exam papers on the JAMB website.

Candidates should note that the exam reprint form contains some information about the candidate, such as name, date of birth, registration number, exam date, center, and time. Assume that the worksheet indicates the exam, date, and location of the designated candidate.

According to Flashschoolgist, JAMB Reprinting begins at least 7 days before the Exam. JAMB 2021 Slip Reprinting for actual JAMB Exam Date, Time and Centre begins from 12th of June 2021.

How to view the reprint of JAMB 2021?

You can print the JAMB exam form from the JAMB exam form portal or from your profile.

Print the test report yourself or go to the coffee shop. It is recommended that you go to the cafe, as you will be asked to provide a printed copy of the test report.

Note: Do not visit the CBT Center to print. Although most CBT centers have cafeterias, you can always have cafeterias there.

Please follow the steps below to print your JAMB slip.

  1. First, you go to the JAMB website @
  2. Login to your Jamb Profile by entering your email and Password.
  3. You would see an option to reprint jamb slip
  4. You should write your JAMB registration number in the provided space and then click ‘Re-Print’.
  5. You will get the information of your exact date of the exam you’ve received; time and also venue will appear on the slip now.
  6. You should now click to reprint the JAMB slip via your printer or just press ‘CTRL’ and then ‘P’ on your keyboard.

How to Reprint Your JAMB Exam Slip Via EMAIL

Yes, you can also use your mail address to print your slip.

Read the following steps/ guidelines to print your slip from your mail.

Step 1. Open your mail address (the mail you used in registering for the exam).

Step 2. Check for mails from jamb

Step 3. Open the message relating to your JAMB slip.

Step 4. Scroll and look for attachment on the mail.

Step 5. Click on it and download it.

Step 6. Print it out.

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