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Zenith Bank Salary Structure: How Much Zenith Bank Pay Staff (2021)



Zenith Bank Salary Structure: How Much Zenith Bank Pay Staff (2021).

The average salaries for Zenith Bank is 169,943 Naira. This data is collated by 119 employees from Zenith Bank. The roles include Accountant, Assistant Banking Officer, Assistant Manager, Auditor, Banker, Banking Officer etc. The gender distribution at Zenith Bank based on salary submitted is male(54%), female(35%), unspecified(11%).

Below is a detailed list of the positions occupied in Zenith bank and how much they pay interns. This set of people includes the members of the youth service and Corps members and students who are on industrial attachment with the bank.

They earn an average of 35,000 Naira monthly which brings their total annual remuneration to a whopping 420,000 naira. These are the lowest-paid people in Zenith bank because they are just temporal.

Zenith Bank Staff Salary Structure

Graduate Trainees

The lowest level on the hierarchy is usually the level of being a Graduate Trainee. At Zenith Bank, graduate trainees undergo an intensive three-month banking training and they earn about 42,000 Nairas per month.

After the training has been completed and the assessment was done on the individual, his or her status may be upgraded to be an entry-level staff.

Entry-level Staffs

The salary for entry-level staff in Zenith bank is among the highest of all the banks in Nigeria. The basic entry-level salary for Zenith Bank staff is between 108,000 – 110,000 naira, depending on the person’s department within the bank.

This is also expected to increase as one stays longer in the system, makes an impact, and further climbs up the ladder of leadership and relevance within the organization. Asides from the basic salary, entry-level staff are also entitled to quite a number of benefits.

Customer Service Officers

Zenith bank customer care officers are paid an average of 100,000 Naira per month. Their work is to attend to issues that customers bring to them and also assist in opening accounts and other bank-related help within and outside the banking halls.


The marketers go out to project the image of the bank to prospective customers. Because of how important their job description is, they earn between 145,000 and 155,000 Naira every month.

Targets are also set out for them, should they hit the target, and they get some commission which is just a plus to their remuneration.

Executive Assistants

Executive assistants earn between 150,000 and 180,000 Naira monthly, depending on the location and department within the bank. They assist the bank manager to carry out specific functions within the bank.

Banking Officers

The banking officers earn between 300,000 and 400,000 Naira per month.

Loan Officers

Because of their hard work and dedication to the growth of the bank, these set of people rise in ranks as Loan Officers and they earn up to 510,000 Naira per month; a handsome reward for their tireless service and dedication to the bank.

Credit Analysts

Credit analysts are among the top earners. Their monthly wage is around 575,000 naira.

Relationship Managers

A relationship manager occupies a very sensitive position of responsibility within the Zenith bank structure his work is to help handle people’s problems as well as manage the issues of people and not allowing it to affect their work experience. Normally, relationship managers earn between 560,000 and 600,000 Naira per month.

Branch Managers

Having risen through the ranks, the staff is sometimes appointed as a branch manager. A new branch is opened and given to him by man.

At this branch, this fellow becomes the boss, he is responsible for the growth or downfall of the branch he heads. There is no other boss right there.

Because of the weight of this responsibility, he is entitled to the monthly take-home pay of around 900,000 Naira, excluding mouth-watering benefits and the occasional percentage of the bank’s profit. The higher the profit his branch brings to the table, the bigger the share of the cake he has to eat.

Please, note that the prices here are just estimated. The actual salary ranges from person to person and years of experience.

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